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Energy Consultancy – Electricity consumption analysis

Casa Energy Concept is your specialised in Renewable Energy with full services. From advice on energy questions, simulations of energy saving, full quotation of your project, to the planning and installation of your individual solar, heating or air conditioning solutions.

We offer free of charge at your place the analyse of your energy consumption, saving potential and mounting possibilities on site. Also at our show room in Av. José da Costa Mealha 110D, 8100-538 Loulé in Algarve Portugal, you can meet us, find demonstration of the various solutions for your own project: all this is Free of charge!

We offer the analyze of your energy consumption, saving potential and mounting possibilities on site. Free of charge!

Focused on energy systems for homes, businesses and communities, we work with the best suppliers of equipment and technologies to guarantee the quality and efficiency of the installed systems. In the Algarve, we are representative of EcoFlow,, with a brand new showroom in Loulé. Come to discover our products there.

Implementation and installation

After installation, we will be there for you. it is necessary to keep the energy solution operational. if needed we can provide preventative and corrective maintenance, and ensuring the safety and efficiency of the implemented energy solution. Customer service is our mandatory.

Change energy supplier whenever necessary

Electricity consumption profile analysis can be used to identify energy saving opportunities, improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Of the services available at home, electricity is the most important in families’ monthly budgets. That’s why it’s important to choose the best tariff and try to reduce energy costs as much as possible. We help you, in the liberalized energy market in Portugal, to choose the best Energy supplier.

Power Through the Night

Capture, Store, and Use Anytime with EcoFlow Portable Power StationAs evening approaches, rely on your portable power station to meet peak electricity demands, reducing grid dependence and ensuring continuous savings.

Solar Storage Solutions

Collect the amazing Algarve Portugal sunshine and store it for use during an electrical outage or in the evening.

New solar projects – EcoFlow PowerOcean
Safety and Power Independence in Every Charge 15 years of Warranty. PowerOcean sets a new standard in home energy storage, featuring a forward thinking safety system, powered by LFP battery technology, an active fire protection module and a robust IP65 certified design. With the battery pack flexibility to expand up to 15kWh and backed by over 6000 charge cycles and a 15 year warranty, PowerOcean is not just an energy solution, it’s a future proof investment in secure, scalable power for your home

The PV coupled Retrofit Battery Storage Solution Like No Other:
The unique PV coupling technology
Easy to install
Enhanced Safety and Reliability

Streamlining Home Solar Upgrades with PowerOcean DC Fit

Typical AC coupled System

Streamlining Home Solar Upgrades with PowerOcean DC Fit

PowerOcean DC Fit Solution

Home Energy Manager – Enable efficient energy. Empower smarter homes

EcoFlow Powerlnsight is a dedicated all-in-one home energy manager allowing homeowners to view and adjust their home energy easily. Connect with other EcoFlow products and supported devices to create a powerful ecosystem, empowering a smart, sustainable, power-independent life.

EcoFlow PowerInsight Home Manager
– The All-in-one Home Energy ManagementSystem:
Monitor energy data all in one glance Optimise
Optimise energy usage to save energy and money
Device control to run a smart, connected home
Get energy ready for severe weather

Streamlining Home Solar Upgrades with PowerOcean DC Fit

Analyzing the energy consumption, saving potential and mounting possibilities on site. Free of charge! Contact us now to learn more!

Areas of Operation: Algarve, Portugal other locations upon request. The Algarve in Portugal with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year is one of the best locations in Europe to produce your own energy.