Casa Energy concept

Electric vehicle chargers

EcoFlow EV Charging Solutions Turn Solar into Mileage

Delivering up to 11kW of EV charging power – Harness solar energt directly from PV panels through PowerOcean series
Dynamic load management – Smart energy distribution between PowerOcean, PowerPulse and home enegry nees
Full compatibility – Work with PowerOcean Three-phase, PowerOcean Single-phase and PowerOcean DC Fit

What Makes EcoFlow PowerPulse Unique?

Charge on Solar – Engineered to work with PowerOcean system
Dynamic Load Balancing – Distribute power based on building’s energy consumption
Up to 7kW Fast Charge – (Single-phase)
Double walled Chassis Design – All around weather protection
EcoFlow App – Be in full control over powerPulse directly

One contact for all Energy solutions – improve the energy efficiency of your home or business! Areas of Operation: Algarve, Portugal other locations upon request. The Algarve in Portugal with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year is one of the best locations in Europe to produce your own energy.