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Heat pump

Heat pump

Heat pumps take energy from the air, ground and water and turn it into heat or cool air. This works due to what is known as the refrigeration cycle. To introduce cooler air, the cycle is reversed, and the heat pump takes heat from your home and transfers it outside. The heat pump is one of the most efficient solutions on the market for heating, cooling and domestic hot water

Heat pump obtains 75% of its energy from outdoor air.
This renewable energy source converts low temperature into high temperature using two heat exchangers, a condenser and an evaporator.

The best combination: your solar installation with a heat pump or air conditioning, almost no cost for your consummation

Domestic Hot Water

Energy-efficient water heating solution that combines heat pump technology with smart control.

Pool heat pump

Ideally, power your heat pump by solar panels, which means: Low environmental impact, Minimum power consumption

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